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April 2014 - Update




Alice and Conrad  kittens arrived on 4th April 2014

Blue and blue tabby and white female,  two colour restricted male kittens ( pointed, mink or sepia) to early to decide what their colours and patterns are. Blue tabby and white male. .







Ch Loriendale Alice de Rosetti





Gr Ch Loriendale Conrad de Copland

(Gen 3)




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Kitten Status

Available = kitten is currently available.

Reserved = kitten is booked and awaiting a non refundable deposit or the deposit has been taken.

Sold = kitten has been paid for or has already gone to their new home.

Not for sale = staying at Loriendale to be member of our cattery

Under Evaluation = kitten in evaluated for breeder show potential



During the kittens life with us, we maintain a good supply of internet contact including photos to new adopters/owners, so they are able to get a closer bond before their kittens arrive. Our kittens leave home around 15 weeks old.

 If you would like to enquire about a kitten or be included on our kitten list please fill out our

 Kitten Questionnaire.




When our kittens leave us they are vaccinated, de-sexed, wormed, house trained and very dearly loved.

 We register the kittens with the

New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc.

Pedigrees are available to all adopter's.

We transport nationally and internationally.


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